Don Dwyer comments on 3-19-05 at the CRC town hall meeting

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Thank you all very much. Um. First of all, what Iím about to say may offend somebody in the room and if youíre offended you feel free to leave but I refuse to speak to you in politically correct terms. With that said, let me pray. Dear heavenly Father. I ask that the words that Iím about to speak will be of you Lord and not of me, Lord, that your will would be served and that you would bless this nation and our state with your mercy. In your sonís holy name I pray. Amen.

You know it amazes me that we are sitting here today talking about the subject that we are talking about. These are our children. These are your children that weíre talking about that are being indoctrinated with something that we donít necessarily believe in, and something that we certainly donít support, at least the majority of us donít support.

And you realize it is because of your complacency that this is happening. It is your fault this is happening. It is your fault. It is my fault. We should be ashamed of ourselves. It is our fault that we face this. Itís time that we take a stand, ladies and gentlemen. Itís time that we stand up for what we know is right and that we be willing to defend it at all costs.

I am doing that for you and the citizens of the State of Maryland in the legislature. If you donít know about it, Iíve been accused of spreading hate and fear among the churches throughout the State of Maryland. Guilty as charged. I am spreading hate and fear. I am spreading the hate of the homosexual activist and Iím spreading my fear of whatís going to happen to this great state and our great nation if people of this world do not take a stand.

(unintelligible) is spreading hate and fear. Itís the homosexualsí agendaís hate and my fear of whatís going to happen if we donít do something about it.

Enough is enough. Itís time that we all stand together and work together to defend our children, to take back our schools, and to return to a moral culture.

Do you realize that the homosexual agenda, not homosexuals, but the agenda is a cultural predator? Thatís what it is. Itís a cultural predator and itís going after the minds of our most vulnerable, which are our children. The question is, do you care about this issue enough to stand with me and the others who are willing to take it on, head on? Do you care enough to empty your pocketbooks to fund it so that the commercials and the advertisements and the communication can go on so we can fill rooms ten times this size with people who care about this issue? Or are you here because it is convenient at the moment because itís in your face? Because understand this didnít happen in December. This started happening in 1962 when prayer was removed from school. and we sat home, you sat home and allowed it to happen. And then 11 years later we sat home again when the courts, mere men, declared that murder was no longer murder and we now have the innocent bloodshed of literally millions of unborn children across this nation. We should be ashamed ladies and gentlemen.

So what do we do about it? Because thatís where I come in. Where, where do we go and what do we really do about it? We become active. We become viligent (diligent?). We absolutely must hold people accountable for what they are doing to our children, our state, and our culture.

We must hold them accountable. We must identify, we must expose Ďem, and we must eliminate them from their seats of authority with our votes.

Thank you all very, very much for coming out here on a Saturday morning when it is so beautiful. But let me tell you, this issue is critically important because there is an agenda. Itís been exposed to you. Iím sure that you care about the issue or you wouldnít be here. But most importantly, we must do this for the future of our children, our grandchildren...

(Tape ended there.)

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