Tres Kerns speech on 3-19-05 at the CRC Town Hall Meeting

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Good morning. Um. For seven years I got involved with this issue because my old high school I graduated from uh it was a boys and girls school, a prominent Episcopal School in Maryland, uh got on the radio and got all over the news print because the headmistress of the girls school uh wanted to promote the gay agenda to the girls. And like many of you probably here today, for the first time I decided to get involved in this issue, and I knew not a lot, just some about it, and I called the uh Headmistress and asked her uh what was going on and she said it’s just information.

Over that seven year period, I have gone to over 25 gay sponsored events in and around the state, and all over the country , uh to hear the other side and to hear what people say. And so what you’re going to see is actually what’s going on in our State of Maryland uh and what our children are being exposed to. I want you to know this stuff has been given to us by parents all over the state, and some of this stuff

I’ve collected from some of these conferences I’ve gone to.

And this is a publication put out in the year 2000 by Newsweek magazine and you can see at the bottom there they say the battle for acceptance has moved to schools, churches and marriage and workplace. And they weren’t kidding about that.

In the year 2000, the Maryland State Board of Education put on a safe school seminar, over in Columbia. I went to it. This is what I picked up. This was a hand out that was given to everybody about how to get homosexual issues into the school. You see number seven says have AIDS and safe sex. Number fourteen -- congresses and workshops, grassroot activist training meaning we’re going to train these kids to be gay activists. At the bottom you have of course number nineteen uh, pushing the limits of tolerance and accepting transgenderism, and of course, specifically to go to middle and elementary schools and encourage the kids to go to internet sites.

Well, how much of that has happened? Well, the NEA has put out a brochure on this and is encouraging schools all around the country to do exactly what that document says.

In Howard County this is a problem they had, an alternative prom for gay and lesbian kids, where they actually reported on a radio station, taking AIDS money to sponsor it.

My own county, Ann Arundel County, they tried to put into place in the curriculum to teach kids the Kinsey sexual scale. Now I want you to take a minute and look at this scale. Kinsey, in the, around 1950, put out a couple of books and did a lot of sex surveys, mostly with uh sex offenders, criminals. He came up with this scale zero to six, zero being a (NOVICE?) heterosexual and six being a promiscuous homosexual and he put down the scale of varying degrees that somebody is during their lifetime, mainly pushing the notion that our kids are basically bisexual.

(Audience member ) Excuse me sir. You misrepresent the facts.

Kerns: Excuse me, I’m still talking.

Several people cross talk.

This is Captain Jennings. He came to a conference here in Maryland. If you think it’s just in the public schools, you’re wrong. This was an AIDS conference, the Association of Independent Maryland Schools, and if you could see him here, he brags that half the attendees of these 200 were from Catholic schools.

At another AIDS conference that I went to, I picked up this. This is a school named (?????) this is in Baltimore and it talks about the uh Gilman and a gay student who says about on any typical day, you hear about, hear about 50 slurs. And what are those gay slurs? ”Loser” or “idiot.” Now I’m sorry but if we instituted that in Montgomery County, I think every kid would be suspended from school.

In 1998, Congress passed the first Child Internet Protection Act to make sure your kids weren’t exposed to Internet pornography. I’m not (UNINTELLIGIBLE) the ACLU is going to bring a lawsuit but GLSEN here along with GLADD put out a press release that said, “(UNINTELLIGIBLE) the target was inappropriate for kids to view.”

A parent here in Montgomery County gave us this book. This is a sociology book. It’s been used by the schools here for over ten years.

It talks about the practice of gay tea room trade. Now I’d never heard of this term but if you read this, and I know it is hard to read here, but it basically says that the gay tea room trade is anonymous public sex in bathrooms. And we’re introducing this to the kids in high school.

At (UNINTELLIGIBLE) high school, the Baltimore Alternative Magazine is now for all the kids to pick up. This is one of them that was picked up. It’s called Charm City’s Underbelly. You can see some of the things that your kids are exposed to. In that publication was this advertisement for Allegra. If you’ll look at it you’ll see here on Sunday it has Boy Toy Dance Party and on Friday nights, Boy Watch Dance Party and September twentieth it has a Calendar Boy Contest. This is what we’re exposing kids to.

This was given to us by a parent in Baltimore City whose ninth grader got this. I got the actual brochure right here in my hands. This was given out by Act Up of Baltimore to the kids. This is the inside of the brochure. It talks about a practice called “rimming.” It’s so disgusting I won’t even tell you what it is. Let me put it this way, you can’t engage in this activity scientifically without ingesting some form of feces.

1998 I went down to the Youth Pride March in Dupont Circle. This is one of the things that were being given out to the kids. Once again, here’s what was given to the kids and notice that they’re talking about rimming again.

Not to be outdone, the group Smile, gave this out the next year. This is supposed to be an AIDS prevention. As you can see on it, there’s all kinds of images of sadomasochism sex.

In the year 2000, was the last march on Washington. It was called the Millennium March. And me and six other people, because this was given, put out in my daughter’s high school, wanted to go down and see what these children were exposed to. We have the two and a half minute clip I’m going to show you that has never been seen before and I’ll let the clip speak for itself. Just go ahead and put that in.

Steven Fisher: What I’d like for you to do, since we’re running a little bit behind, ask you to finish up and we can come back to that.

Tres Kerns: OK

SF: How long does it last?

TK: Two and a half

SF: Can I hold that?

Audience protests: No

End of tape.

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