Robert Knight speech on 3-19-05 at the CRC Town Hall Meeting

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Thank you very much. Thank you. I really want to thank everybody for coming. Uh Sometimes I introduce myself this way: ďIím Bob. Iím a recovering liberal.Ē I really am. But this shouldnít be a liberal or conservative issue because parents love their children and all of them should be concerned [unintelligible] itís that serious. You know I also was a little skeptical when I saw the press release and found out I was playing second banana to a condom, a cucumber but I uh [unintelligible] bio quickly. I was an editor at the Los Angeles Times, [unintelligible] Family Research Council [unintelligible] ten years doing these kinds of issues. I see Pam Wong who I work with at Concerned Women for America who lives here in Montgomery County who is very supportive of this effort. Uh I find it very encouraging that people would take a beautiful Saturday spring day to come out because they care enough about their kids

You know I have to answer Mr. Foley who I do admire her courage uh speaking to a group that probably overwhelming doesnít share her views uh but to characterize a group like this uh as extreme uh I think thatís mischaracterizing it. I donít think itís extreme to identify a threat to our kids and do something to stop it. Thatís not extreme. It used to be there were men in raincoats hanging on out at the edge of schoolyards handing out condoms. Now weíve got some American blonde right there in the classroom doing the same thing. Whatís wrong with that picture? I mean did that grate on you? This woman is telling you about the condoms [unintelligible] and how theyíre [unintelligible]. I mean come on. Itís as if the kids canít think anymore. Like thatís the best we can do for them.

Now I donít live in Montgomery County. I came across the river from uh Virginia. Uh I did ... I will say we looked at Montgomery County we were buying a home but the property taxes scared us [unintelligible].

Audience: We got [unintelligible] now thanks to Doug Duncan

But uh, you know, thatís all the more reason for you to care about how your tax dollars are being spent.

But to put this in perspective, this is really part of a larger issue all over America. Uh kids are being told that homosexuality is inborn, theyíre born gay, canít help it, might as well live with it. Uh, my heart goes out especially to those kids who are now being told they are transgendered. Uh this is going down in the middle schools where eleven year olds are being told, ďWell you probably, you probably have been born in the wrong body and uh you should seriously at some point consider surgery.Ē

At the True Spirit Conference, which was held in Maryland not that long ago, they actually had doctors there to answer questions about chest surgery uh for these 14 year old girls who thought they were boys. Theyíre talking about mutilating these kids before they really know who they are and then thatís supposed to be progress.

You know a lot of times when we see programs like this defended, they say ďwell we canít put anybodyís values in the curriculum uh Ďcause that would be wrong.Ē Uh and yet they are very direct about other threats to kids. The Maryland Anti-Smoking Campaign is certainly unambiguous. ď Donít do it! It will hurt you!Ē

Well, Iím here to tell you, and I think Peter Sprigg laid it out very well, and so did uh Tres Kerns, that the threat of homosexuality is a far greater health threat to kids than even smoking. And anybody who is uh promoting homosexuality to kids in the name of tolerance is not acting out of compassion. Theyíve got an agenda.

You know sometimes this issue uh gets so absurd. I donít know if you saw that news item about Bremerhaven Germany. Uh. They found out that they have a set uh four sets of what they say are gay penguins; these males that donít seem to have any interest in the females. So the zoo announced they were going to bring in females partly because they wanted more little penguins running around. [unintelligible] Gay groups in Bremerhaven protested calling it hetero [unintelligible] and actually forced the zoo to back off. Theyíre not bringing the females in because the zoo director said. ďEveryone can live here as he pleases.Ē I [unintelligible] the gay groups charged the zoo with bringing in female seductresses. Now this is funny but you know they had to back off. Itís public policy they canít bring in penguins to mate because they might offend someone.

Look at what happened to Jada Pinkett Smith at Harper, the Harper Foundation. This actress was talking about how itís, itís a wonderful world for women now. You can have a wonderful guy, a wonderful marriage, and a career, and she says ďDonít believe, donít believe you canít have it all.Ē She was attacked mercilessly by gay groups afterwards, who were saying her comments were hurtful because they were hetero [unintelligible].

So a woman who was speaking from the hearts of millions of women, certainly from the hearts of the vast majority is being condemned as a hater and a bigot. I mean thatís how crazy this is getting. And this kind of stuff is filtering down into the public schools.

And itís not just the public schools. This is creeping in the Catholic schools. Itís all over the place. But Iím encouraged that itís being exposed because if you donít know about it, you canít do anything about it.

Now the, I said this is part of a larger agenda. And uh you probably noticed what happened last November around the country uh and before that. All together 13 states voted overwhelmingly to bar same sex marriage to uh say that the marriage is only the union of a man and a woman. Some of the totals were as much as 70%. Now Iíve been debating this marriage issue around the country with Elizabeth Birch who is the former director of the Human Rights Campaign the largest gay lobbying group. I debated her last week at Kent State. It was the rudest crowd Iíve ever faced. Uh Uh. Iíve never seen, Iíve been to a lot of campuses but they took the cake. They were utterly sarcastic, rude, uh sometimes obscene and profane. A lot of the students came up afterwards and apologized for their fellow students. But Iím thinking you know, if theyíre told that they just uh not created in the image of God, that they are just rutting animals, that they canít really think and are just victims of their desires, you canít expect much more from them. And I felt sorry for them. I didnít get angry at them. Uh I just felt bad for them and I thought it starts in places like Montgomery Maryland where the schools are telling kids that uh plumbing is everything. Forget moral values. Just go with your desires and if you have desires theyíre self-validating. You know if thatís the case then every perverse thing under the sun is OK.

And that really is the thrust of the sexual revolution, which was touched off by Alfred Kinsey, uh who Tres Kerns mentioned and showed the bogus Kinsey scale, which uh by the way Kinsey concocted before he even conducted his research. He just dreamed it up and uh because it furthered his goal of, of a civilization in which there is no such thing as normal, everybodyís perverse, and therefore we canít uh favor any particular arrangement even channeling sex into marriage. Kinsey has had a profound effect on this country and the, that condom video is a direct result of the Kinsey influence because Kinsey concocted a theory of child sexuality uh after collecting thousands of histories of kids being molested by pedophiles and then saying that kids are sexual beings from birth, are able to enjoy sex, and are therefore entitled to it, including access to graphic sexual information. His disciples went on to found the SIECUS, the Sexual Information and Education Council of the U.S., which has designed and implemented curricula all over this country, sometimes with federal grants, uh working in tandem with Planned Parenthood. Make no mistake. The Kinsey model is the one that is generating this condom video and just the whole program. The idea that kids are going to do what kids are going to do and that abstinence, you can give it lip service to try to fool the parents, but uh, itís only a speed bump. You know the way they treat abstinence would be if you told your kid, ďDonít take the car out tonight. Donít do it. But if you do, hereís a road map, here are the keys, and hereís some gas money.Ē

Now this video and the program that accompanies it arenít the only threats to kids. Youíve seen things like ďThe Day of SilenceĒ that GLSEN, the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network has promoted right here in Montgomery County, uh the uh ďNo Name Calling Week.Ē These are all designed not, not to keep kids safe. They are designed to create a atmosphere of harassment against kids who bring traditional values with them to school. Thatís what itís all about, about hazing the kids who really do believe that homosexuality is wrong, and that marriage is normal and desirable, but if they speak up, they are considered bigots and haters. Uh Thatís what itís all about uh. Weíre starting to see this bear fruit in hate crime laws.

I donít know how many of you heard about the Philly Five. Pretty horrifying. A group of Christians arrested at Oktoberfest in Philadelphia in October charged with eight counts including three felonies, which would amount to 47 years in prison because they were out there preaching the gospel, uh in a public space to homosexuals. Uh This hung over them for months. Several of them spent some time in jail. This is America for crying out loud. They were considered a threat. The judge finally saw through it, saw a video and dismissed the charges but the fact that that could get that far is horrifying. The young man who led that, Michael Marcavage of Repent America, just had his lawsuit against Temple University thrown out two days ago. Uh. Talk about harassment, just for a moment. Uh Michael Marcavage was a student at Temple in 1999, and they brought ďCorpus ChristiĒ a a a a play that portrays Jesus Christ as a homosexual to campus. So Michael went around putting posters up informing Christians on campus that you know this blasphemous play is coming and you ought to know about it and you ought to speak up about it. He was called into the uh Director of Campus Safety, and the Vice President of Campus Safety and told that his activities were uh divisive. And uh he said, ďWell Iím going to have a protest against the play when it comes.Ē And uh he wanted to have [unintelligible] said he could then they said he couldnít uh. And they turned him down flat so he left the room, went to a restroom to pray. He was hustled out of the restroom, hustled into the office, and by his account actually tripped to the ground and held there. A campus cop came and they tried to have him incarcerated and put into an asylum and committed. Anybody knows Michael knows heís a very straightforward, bright guy. He doesnít lose his cool. This was a. Talk about harassment. Um. If he was...Itís amazing the things happening in America but it starts with the schools. You know that America can protect marriage all it wants, but if the kids are being brainwashed by programs like this, itís going to be a short time before you wonít be able to [unintelligible].

Iím about out of time here so Iíll just wrap up by saying that uh often we hear people promoting this kind of thing uh their, that it is based on compassion, and itís based on getting the facts to the kids. You know if they were really concerned about getting all the facts to the kids, they wouldnít have kicked off three pro-family members off the committee that designed this. They wanted it to be inoperative. They didnít want to hear [unintelligible]

One of our friends is sitting right here, sheís on the committee and she tried to bring good research to their attention, and what did she get for her trouble, they ejected her from the committee. Thatís how open-minded they are. They really do want a monopoly over your childrenís minds and they wonít brook any opposition. Get back to compassion, [unintelligible]. The most compassionate thing you can do is tell people the truth in love. Tell them the truth. Tell them you love them, especially your kids. Say your kids [unintelligible] in some way. Donít burn that bridge. Iím also on the board of PFOX and I recommend highly PFOXís material right outside on the table. Itís first-rate brochures

PFOXís message is simple. Donít burn your bridge to your child. Love your child unconditionally, whether the child has homosexual desires or whatever. Donít burn your bridge. Uh. True compassion is telling them the truth instead of going along with the dangerous behavior that may cut their lives short and certainly it is not going to be their best shot at happiness. Letís go with compassion, letís go with truth. And letís tell the Montgomery County School Board that they were out of line and have to be brought back into line.


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