Documents related to the September 25th Teach the facts forum, "Just Say Now to Comprehensive and Inclusive Health Education"

On September 25th, 2005, held a forum at Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School's auditorium, featuring a very distinguished series of speakers, two panel discussions, presentation of the MCPS-produced video "Protect Yourself," and audience commentary. This web page exists to archive documents related to that event.

Press Release

Read the press release that went out to news organizations: Press release.

Promotional Flyer

This flyer announced the event: Just Say Now Flyer

The Program

The program from the forum, with descriptive information about the speakers, etc. Forum Program

Curriculum fact sheets

Here is a one-page fact sheet explaining what was in the 8th grade curriculum that was cancelled: 8th Grade fact sheet

And here is a fact sheet for the 10th grade curriculum: 10th Grade fact sheet file 10th grade fact sheet.doc (**make pdf and take spaces out of filenames)

The "original" new curricula

The new curricula for 8th and 10th grades were originally published in the minutes of the board of education's November 9th, 2004 meeting. Here is the link to that document, on the MCPS web site: Novermber 9th, 2004, BOE minutes.

Curricula revised for pilot testing

Some minor revisions were made to the original draft, in preparationg for piloting the new curriculua in the spring semester. Here are the updated versions. Note that there is an editorial error in the tenth grade document. The definition of "Transgender" was supposed to have been given as is it in the original November 9th document, linked above. The district had decided, however, to pilot it as it is written here.

David Fishback's forum presentation

David Fishback's presentation at the forum summarized the features of the curriculum and the series of events that led to the current situation. The text of his talk is found here: David Fishback's forum presentation.

Dr. Paul Wertsch's forum slideshow

Dr. Paul Wertsch is Chair of the American Medical Associationís Advisory Committee on GLBT Matters. He talked about scientific and medical knowledge about homosexuality.

The Powerpoint presentation in PDF format can be found here: Paul Wertsch, MD, Slideshow

Deborah Roffman

Deborah Roffman is a former associate editor for education of the Journal of Sex Education and Therapy, Deborah has written dozens of articles and commentaries for health and education journals and major newspapers. Her work has also been featured in Education Week, Teacher Magazine, USA Today, Parents Magazine, an HBO Special on parenting, and on NPR.

Here is an article she wrote: Separation of church and school.

Robert Rigby, Jr.'s Presentation

Robert Rigby's narrative about his seventeen years in reparative therapy, trying to turn himself from a gay to a straight person, was riveting and emotional. The text of his talk is here: Robert Rigby, Jr. Presentation.

Glenn Northern

Glenn Northern provides technical assistance to Planned Parenthood affiliates as they work in conjunction with other community partners to implement better sex education policies at the state and local levels. His discussion of the MCPS curriculum was well-informed and insightful. Read his comments: Glenn Northern's talk.

Letter to the Board of Education

After, the forum, David Fishback sent a letter to the school board telling them about the forum, and included a couple of news articles about it. The articles are included in this file, with comments by Fishback: Fishback 9/26 Letter to BOE

The Washington Times "Reports" About the Forum

The Washington Times reported on the forum in their inimitable way, writing as if Robert Spitzer's discredited study of "ex-gays" was somehow an important component of the discussion.

Read the article here: 'Ex-gays' study central to debate

David Fishback wrote an analysis of the Times article and sent it to the Teach the Facts Yahoo group. The text can be read here:: Fishback Comments on Times coverage

The Gazette Reports

The Gazette focused on the comments of our keynote speaker, Maryland Delegate Ana Sol Gutierrez, who was a former President of the Board of Education in this county, Her talk at the forum was very warm and informative: Sex ed battle sends delegate back to í96

The Blade's Coverage

The Washington Blade, the city's primary gay newspaper, covered the forum: Parent groups grapple for curriculum control

The Blade got some details wrong, as explained in an email written by Treasurer Christine Grewell: Grewell comments on Blade coverage

Professional organizations' papers

This file contains a number of documents issued by mainstream medical and mental health associations on sexual orientation. Here is a collection of position papers put out by --Note: this is a big file, more than two megabytes, so be careful if you're on a dial-up connection!

The documents are here; Professional Organization papers

The "Best of the Blog"

This document was available at the forum, for attendees who were unfamiliar with the Vigilance blog: Best of the Blog.