Thursday, July 21, 2005

"Frivolous Lawsuit" Defined

You remember that somebody recently sent us a link to a Google cache containing a bunch of internal communications among the leadership of the CRC (Citizens for Responsible Curriculum) back in January. They were already planning to sue the Montgomery County school district, which they did, finally, in May. But why?

Somebody today pointed out to me a section that I hadn't noticed before -- really, there's so much here I haven't read it all.

Here's the plan that was posted on the CRC leaderhip's forum on January 13th:
This board is NOT going to recant anything because of "supplicant" appeals to listen to our position. The only thing that is going to get their complete attention is:
1. Continuing outrage streaming in to their castle headquarters
2. John Garza proceeding immediatley with his lawsuit. (Lawsuits tend to get peoples attention - merit or no merit because it forces them to deal with their legal team on a continuing basis)
3. 50,000 plus signatures between the paper petition and the on-line petition.
4. Tabulation of all the outrageous things said about us and this issue, and posted on both web sites.
5. Massive email campaign to inform and INFLAME.

In other words, aggressive tactics.

That "both web sites" of course is CRC's and the Recall site they claimed to have nothing to do with. And OK, they fell about 45,000 signatures short of their goal, even assuming they're telling the truth about how many signatures they did get. The "inflaming" part I suppose they did pretty well. Oh, and tabulating things, I suppose that was what resulted in CRC President Michelle Turner's tattling to the Board that somebody in our comments used a bad word to describe them.

It's that Number Two that jumps out at you. Sue to get their attention. Does it matter if the lawsuit has merit?


There must be a real feeling of accomplishment when you do something like that, dontcha think?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Promoting bigotry and hatred at all costs- oh, wait, the cost was to us, the county taxpayers and MCPS kids. And before any of you CRCers say something- don't forget how you publicly claimed there was to be no lawsuit until just before it happened-but of course, that was the plan all along. We know that this isn't about our kids( I mean those of us who actually have kids in MCPS who take health and aa of the optional units-leaves out all of CRC)- it is about a much larger bad hateful agenda- demonizing gay people.


July 21, 2005 1:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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July 24, 2005 1:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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July 24, 2005 1:59 PM  
Blogger JimK said...

V-e-e-r-r-y interesting. I just deleted a very long comment -- after saving it.

Someone signing in as "Anonymous" posted 3,000-plus lines of a CRC forum from last winter. It lists churches they intend to target, discusses blogging and how to do it, talks about targeting the parochial schools (why?), plots the lawsuit, schemes how to attack the MCPS curriculum most angrily, they plan their mass emailing ...

I am deleting this comment mainly because it contains email addresses of some people who had emailed me and asked me not to post theirs. I think it is also too long to be read as a comment. I have saved it, and if there is a clamor I can always post it back here.

What we'll do, I think, now that we have this, is to spend some time digesting it, and post relevant pieces on the blog as their relevance becomes known.

Some of this is stuff we have seen before, and some of it is not.

I thank Anonymous for posting this and apologize for deleting your comment -- we really do appreciate you helping us expose the dark side of the conspiracy to take over the Montgomery County public schools.


July 24, 2005 2:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those postings you deleted should be returned to this site ASAP. They are public and were obtained from internet which is as public as it gets.

July 24, 2005 7:43 PM  
Blogger JimK said...

Anonymous said...

OK, here you go....

[38 Posts ] [LastPost: 02-09-2005 2:34 PM]

Msg Topic [1 Reply Last Reply:02-09-2005 - 2:34 PM ]
Upcoming Town Hall Meeting
Could we put this info on the CRC website to advise other parents of this event?

Council to Host Quince Orchard/Darnestown Town Hall Meeting
A Town Hall Meeting for Quince Orchard and Darnestown will be hosted by the Montgomery County Council on Wednesday, February 16, at 8:00 p.m. with a reception preceding it at 7:30 p.m., at Thurgood Marshall Elementary School, 12260 McDonald Chapel Drive, Gaithersburg. According to County Council President Tom Perez, "This will be an excellent opportunity for people to have their say and put their questions directly to members of the County Council. We'll be discussing the county budget and taxes, education and transportation, development and public safety-and whatever else residents want to talk about." For more information call 240-777-7900 or visit the County's website at
[Date=02-09-2005] Name:S. Mendoza, [Msgid=778461]

Town Hall
Yes, we can let folks know about this. Tom Perez is a "down county, Takoma Park liberal" and it would be nice to hear how he responds, especially with the media there!!


[Date=02-09-2005] Name:michelle turner, [Msgid=778632]

Msg Topic [No Replies]
tomorrow's meeting
Hello All,
The exec bd and all group leaders are invited to the second exec bd meeting, Thursday, Feb. 10 at 7:30 p.m.. Same location as last week.

If there is an item you would like discussed, please email it to me today so that I can get an agenda together and posted.


[Date=02-09-2005] Name:michelle turner, [Msgid=778416]

Msg Topic [No Replies]
Leafleting at Metro
I would like the board to vote on starting a team to leaflet at the metro stops during rush hour. I think Metro must allow us to do this and it could also be an event for our friends at NPR (which they dearly desire). Would could hand out a one page leaflet with information, etc. A little shoe leather goes a long way. I volunteer to lead a group at Rockville, Shady Grove or Wheaton.
[Date=02-08-2005] Name:Johnny Garza, [Msgid=777759]

Msg Topic [2 Replies Last Reply:01-28-2005 - 3:52 PM ]
FLHD meeting
I plan to attend the meeting, I have been there for the last 2. It would be great is someone else could come, so the committee will see some new faces. I will be leaving for Iceland to visit my mother for a few days, but will be back Wed. night so I can observe the really, really risky Fishback in action.


[Date=01-27-2005] Name:Steina Walter, [Msgid=771812]

`Thank you
I think parents are needed there. I would not be a threat since I was on the committee but maybe they would feel like they could be 'cocky' if I was there!!
[Date=01-28-2005] Name:retta, [Msgid=772222]

Need more CRC observers here
When is this FLHD CAC meeting and where?

[Date=01-27-2005] Name:Steve, [Msgid=771830]

Msg Topic [No Replies]
directions to Garza office
Go to our website and click on directions. On Rt 28 in Rockville, accross the street from Courthouse. 17 W. Jefferson St. Rockville, MD.
[Date=01-26-2005] Name:John Garza, [Msgid=770718]

Msg Topic [1 Reply Last Reply:01-27-2005 - 6:46 PM ]
Meeting time-Feb. 3
Exec. Bd and group leaders only will meet at 7:30 p.m. on February 3

Michelle Turner

[Date=01-25-2005] Name:michelle turner, [Msgid=770371]

Will there be a parent at the Citizens Advisory Committee meeting Feb 3 at 7:30? I think hav

July 24, 2005 8:17 PM  

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